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Other services include education, legal, public and telephone services

Other Services


Artium Health, Navicent

Phone:478-633-9100 Classes in childbirth, baby care basics,  infant CPR, bsreastfeeding, car seat safety.

Central Ga. Technical College

3300 Macon Tech Blvd., Macon, GA. GED classes and testing Phone: 478-757-3400 or: 478-757-3526 English Literacy & Civics Program Phone: 478-757-6671 E-mail: ykim@centralgatech.org Adults with limited or non-English skills. American Citizenship preparation, workforce training, computer skills, college rediness, high school equivalency. GreenPath 1305 Hardeman Ave., Macon, GA Phone:1-800-550-1961 Housing, debt and bankruptcy, counseling/certificates Helm’s College 5171 Eisenhower Pkwy., Macon, GA Phone: 478-471-4834 Culinary classes


653 2nd St.,Ste.203, Macon, GA Phone: 478-219-3941 Home buying and budgeting classes. McKinney-Vento Education Program Phone: 478-765-8633 Education for homeless children in Bibb Couny Middle GA Postpartum Support Phone: 1-470-798-0088

Middle Ga. State University

100 College Stationn Dr., Macon, GA Phone: 478-471-2700 Middle Georgia Public Library “Hoopla” Free virtual apps/services with library card.  Audiobooks, movies, TV, eBooks, etc.  Check out 6 titles  per month.
Education Cont.

Mentor’s Project of Bibb Co.

484 Mulberry St., Macon, GA Phone: 478-765-8624 Matches high school students with mentors that guide them toward becoming a better student. VECTR Center, Warner Robins GA Phone: 478-218-3900 Services for veterans.


AT&T Wireless

4795 Riverside Dr., Macon, GA Phone: 1-800-288-2020 Local: 478-757-7900

Cox Communication

6601 Hawinsville Rd., Macon, GA Phone: 478-784-8000 Lifeline Free Phone Program Find free phone providers in your area.


9700 N.W. 112th Ave., Miami, FL Phone 1-800-378-1684 Affordable Connectivity Program Internet Service for $30 or less. Phone:1-877-384-2575 Qualify for the ACP government programs, annual household income, or participate in an internet service provider’s low income plan.
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Identification Ga. License and ID Terminal Station, Macon, GA Phone: 1-678-413-8400 Loaves and Fishes Ministries 651 MLK Blvd. Macon, GA Phone: 478-741-1007 ext 103 Call Tuesday 9am-12pm for appointment the following Thursday

Public Service


PO Box3244, Macon, GA Phone:478-781-8003 Website developed to bring the community and all people together.

Legal Services

County Attorney’s Office 700 Poplar St. Room 309, Macon, GA Phone:478-751-7651 Government issues.

Georgia Legal Services Program

241 Third Street, Macon, GA Phone: 478-751-6261 Assists in Civil matters,Seniors’ issues, government assistance and domestic violence.

Macon Circuit Public Defender


201 Second St., Macon, GA Phone: 478-621-5950 Middle Georgia Justice PO Box 1732, Macon, GA 31202 Phone: 478-238-0224 Provides legal assistance to those who cannot afford it.

Support Groups

Caregivers of Color Support Group Contact Wanda: wrowepat@bellsouth.net for more information and Zoom access. Meets on first Saturday of each month at 10 am on Zoom. Middle Ga. SCI Peer Support The group meets every first Tuesday of the month.  Members can visit the Facebook page to find out the next meeting, and stay connected with each other.
Transportation DDS, Terminal Station 200 Cherry St., Macon, GA. Phone: 478-803-2500 or: 478-803-2405 Bus passes, DMV, driver”s license. Ambulance, Atrium Health, Navicent 777 Hemlock St. Macon, GA Phone: 478-633-1111 24 hr. emergency medical treatment and transportation (based on address). Community Ambulance 252 Holt Ave., Macon, GA Phone: 478-741-4141 24 hr. emergency medical treatment and transportation (based on address).