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Other services include education, legal, public and telephone services

Other Services


Artium Health, Navicent

Phone:478-633-9100 Classes in childbirth, baby care basics,  infant CPR, bsreastfeeding, car seat safety.

Central Ga. Technical College

3300 Macon Tech Blvd., Macon, GA\ Phone: 478-757-3400 or: 478-757-3526 GED classes and testing GreenPath 1305 Hardeman Ave., Macon, GA Phone:1-800-550-1961 Housing, debt and bankruptcy, counseling/certificates Helm’s College 5171 Eisenhower Pkwy., Macon, GA Phone: 478-471-4834 Culinary classes


653 2nd St.,Ste.203, Macon, GA Phone: 478-219-3941 Home buying and budgeting classes. McKinney- Vento Education Program Phone: 478-765-8633 Education for homeless children in Bibb Couny Middle GA Postpartum Support Phone: 1-470-798-0088

Middle Ga. State University

100 College Stationn Dr., Macon, GA Phone: 478-471-2700

Mentor’s Project of Bibb Co.

484 Mulberry St., Macon, GA Phone: 478-765-8624 Matches high school students with mentors that guide them toward becoming a better student. VECTR Center, Warner Robins GA Phone: 478-218-3900 Services for veterans.

Legal Services

Georgia Legal Services Program

241 Third Street, Macon, GA Phone: 478-751-6261 Assists in Civil matters,Seniors’ issues, government assistance and domestic violence.

Macon Circuit Public Defender


201 Second St., Macon, GA Phone: 478-621-5950 County Attorney’s Office 700 Poplar St. Room 309, Macon, GA Phone:478-751-7651 Government issues. Middle Georgia Justice Phone: 478-238-0224 Provides legal assistance to those who cannot afford it.

Public Service


PO Box3244, Macon, GA Phone:478-781-8003 Website developed to bring the community and all people together. Identification Ga. License and ID Terminal Station, Macon, GA Phone: 1-678-413-8400 Loaves and Fishes Ministries 651 MLK Blvd. Macon, GA Phone: 478-741-1007 ext 103 Call Tuesday 9am-12pm for appointment the following Thursday  


AT&T Wireless

4795 Riverside Dr., Macon, GA Phone: 1-800-288-2020 Local: 478-757-7900

Cox Communication

6601 Hawinsville Rd., Macon, GA Phone: 478-784-8000 Lifeline Free Phone Program Find free phone providers in your area.


9700 N.W. 112th Ave., Miami, FL Phone 1-800-378-1684 Transportation DDS, Terminal Station 200 Cherry St., Macon, GA. Phone: 478-803-2500 or: 478-803-2405 Bus passes, DMV, driver”s license. Ambulance, Atrium Health, Navicent 777 Hemlock St. Macon, GA Phone: 478-633-1111 24 hr. emergency medical treatment and transportation (based on address). Community Ambulance 252 Holt Ave., Macon, GA Phone: 478-741-4141 24 hr. emergency medical treatment and transportation (based on address).
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