The place to find the help you need. Macon Help Are you looking for food, clothing or a place to stay?  We can help.  Listed are agencies that should be able to provide the services you need.  We list Government Agencies and  Emergency Services on this page.  For other services please click on the button above that may offer the particular service you require. Macon Help lists sites that provide multiple services (a combination of services including any of the following groups), food, personal care, housing, medical services, financial assistance, counseling and rehabilitation, mother and child support as well as other services.  You may also want to view and print the Macon Community Guide (Requires 81/2 x 14 paper) which this website was created from, or look at the Resource and Help Guide created by Unity-N- Community.  These guides provide the phone numbers and addresses of the various organizations listed in Macon Help.
Government Agencies  

Bibb County Health


171 Emery Hwy., Macon, GA Phone: 478-745-0411 Provides medical, dental and prescription services.


Phone: 478-207-1350 or 1-877-423-4746 for  Food Stamps, Medicail, TANF or Childcare information.  Provides various Medical and financial services.

Bibb County Board of


484 Mulberry St., Macon, GA Phone: 478-765-8711 Provides educationa assistance.

Department of Driver


200 Cherry St., Macon, GA Phone: 478-751-6031 Obtain driver’s license and ID cards.

Georgia Department

of Labor

Provides assistance in locating employment.

Macon-Bibb EOC

150 Sessions Drive Phone: 330-6272 Provides help with education, housing, finance and other services.

Macon Housing


2015 Felton Ave., Macon, GA Phone: 752-5000 Privides help with housing and senior services.

Social Security Office

Phone: 1=888-759-3917 Provides social services.
Emergency Services

Bibb County

Sherriff’s Office

Phone: 478-746-9441 Call to report crimes in the community.

Crisis Line/Safe


Phone: 478-745-9292 For domestic violence reporting.

Department of Public


Health issues.

Poison Control

Phone 1-800-222-1222 Help for poison victims

American Red Cross

Phone: 478-743-8671 Disaster services
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