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Listing of Medical, Dental and Optical Services

Medical Services

Medical Center, Navicent


777 Hemlock St., Macon, GA Phone: 478-633-1000 Provides emergency and other medical services. Search for the service you need.

First Choice Primary Care

770 Walnut Street, Macon, GA Phone: 478-787-4266 Medical care and prescriptions.  Insurance accepted.  Non-insured fees based on income.


3208 Hwy. 41, Byron, GA Phone: 478-953-7770 Dental services for Houston, Peach, Taylor and Crawford Counties.

Macon Volunteer Clinic

376 Rogers Ave., Macon, GA Phone: 478-755-1110 Medical, dental and prescriptions for those that qualify.  Must be working.

The Hope Center

180 Emery Highway, Macon, GA Phone: 478-464-0612 Medical, dental, optical and pharmacy for HIV patients.

Partnership for Prescription


Phone: 1-888-477-2669 Prescription assistance.  

Oglethorpe Dental Center

1248 Oglethorpe St., Macon, GA Phone: 478-743-5856 Dental procedures. Fees apply.


635 PioNono Ave., Macon, GA Phone: 478-803-0001 Discounts for low income vision exams and glasses. (Kids too!)


3353 Mercer Univ. Blvd., Macon, GA Phone: 478-745-1515 Referrals by non-profits only to One Sight Foundation for exams and glasses.
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